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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Transitional Eve- A Work in Progress

It's been 11 years since I've redesigned my "Eve Series." The change is a little intimidating, especially since it's been a very successful series. But after a decade, there was a strong feeling that "Eve" needed  a new design to reflect all the "newness" that was going on in my life. 
The redesign has began and this is the first phase of the test samples, in their "work in progress" stage.

Onward and upward... to a New Eve.

Friday, April 22, 2011

More Musing in.... The Santa Fe Style

This latest creation in from an old, 1940s wood spoon rack that had some chips and nicks and didn't look too appealing in its current state. Even though I had some restoration stains and fixers, I decided to try a new look in the Santa Fe Style. Using paints on hand, regular household primer with color and acrylic art paint , I applied the medium-dark color first. Once that dried, I lightly went over it with the dry brushed the lighter color and blended in a  few darker colored (green & blue) accent strokes with the art paint. After it was dried completely,  I gently sanded the edges and thin spots to expose the different shades of the natural wood underneath.

It's still a work in process since I may decide to add some hooks and make it more practical.

Once completed, it will either go into a local consignment store, an Etsy store, or entered into a local arts & crafts show.

Stay tuned for more adventures in......creative endeavors.

NOTE: This item has SOLD.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Cross- Religious Symbol and Fashion Icon

Springtime, always brings up a few familiar things to mind- The Easter Bunny, Colored Eggs, and The Cross-symbolizing the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ after his Crucifixion.

To many Christians and Catholics, it's an powerful religious symbol. But for those who design, it's quite the powerful fashion icon that has withstood over 2000 years of humanity's history.

From its early basic unadorned, wood of early millenniums,  to ornate solid gold, encrusted with fine precious gems of monarchy-with many variations of style and design in between-The Cross continues to intrigue people from all religious and cultural backgrounds to this day.

If you would like more information on the crosses featured in this blog, please visit us my Etsy Store: vyktoryas.etsy.com

Friday, April 1, 2011

Naked Clay

In college, while most of my classmates focused on formulating dramatic glazes, I focused on the clay itself. The natural colors of the clay and the graininess were its own beauty. Adding glazes over the clay just seemed to disrupt that beauty, for me.

With my interest in prehistoric art at the time, I found the perfect medium-ceramics, where I could
explore and experiment. The reduction  process in the kiln (oxygen deprived during the firing)-- allowed for levels of depth as the minerals in the clay, rich in iron- pulled to the surface for those extra "touches" of contrast color for added perspective.

When I approached galleries and boutiques, they were all reluctant to take on my "naked clay works" as it was, and still is known as.  But the ones who ventured-- were all delightfully surprised by their sales--since "Flashy-Bling, and Bright-Loud", was the "In Thing" at the time.

The Naked Clay Collection is a simple, yet powerful series-- and continues to touch : the mind, heart, and soul, over a decade later of its inception.

The Zen Box and flat orb have SOLD.

To view more pieces in the series, please check out my Etsy Store:  vyktoryas.etsy.com