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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fortune Cookies--- Not Just a Novelty Dessert Anymore.....

The fortune cookie is a phenomenia that still entertains, centuries after its inception. Although the origin of its birth is unclear, and a few countries are still in debate, all can agree, the fortune cookie concept is highly desired, no matter what form it's in.

The former life it had as a sweet, thin, hard-shell pancake dessert, exhibited after a fine meal, with prophetic message to ponder afterward, is long gone. From dessert  plate to sky-scraper high, the Fortune Cookie has proved to be unlimited.

Featured here are my two Fortune Cookie lines:

 The Lime Green in Polymer Clay Dangle Earrings and The Pit-fired Ornaments in Ceramic.

The Pit-fired Ornaments in Ceramic have SOLD.

For more information or if you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please visit my Etsy Store:  vyktoryas.etsy.com