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Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Celestial Eve"-ACS-DC President's Show at the Beatrice Wood Center of the Arts Entry

We are a collective of what we have experienced. Art is the best example of that. After having marginal success with my "naked clay" series, I decided to explore some new techniques and forms. I had attended a few workshops  but nothing really felt like it was something I could work with comfortably. Slab and coil had never worked well for my impatience and vision. 

In my frustration one day I went on a wild whirlwind of making my traditional closed form orbs in all shapes in sizes to see if something would manifest. It did. I had some sketches for my "Genesis Series". I dug them out and studied them to see if I could line up concepts. A few weeks before I had taken a Scott Young workshop. His female torsos had some similarity to my Genesis Eve sketches. Although he constructed his female forms with cylinders, I wanted to construct mine with my closed forms. With a few unsuccessful tries, I finally achieved a winning design that merged vision and form exactly where I wanted it.

"Celestial Eve" was part of the earlier sculptures in the series. It was made with Soldner Clay from a workshop by legendary ceramic artist Paul Soldner.

It recently was accepted into the American Ceramic Society's Design Chapter President's Show at the Beatrice Wood Center of the Arts.

It has been sold.

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