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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fashion Meets Function-The Red Zen Series

I've always considered myself more of a ceramic artist than functional potter. Pottery is challenging and very temperamental. It commands absolute precision at times, especially in functional ware-unless, of course,  you prefer a wobbly bowl or have one edge thicker than the other.

 The summer break following my college graduation, I was able to work a deal on a part-time arrangement with a local ceramics instructor. She needed a lab assistant, but couldn't afford one.  I needed to have access to a lab at a reasonable rate. It was perfect for the both of us.

 The instructor specialized in functional, production speed pottery making. She would make volumes and volumes of matching sets. I was lucky if a cup actually functioned as a cup. The edge couldn't be too thick or else it would cause the liquid to dribble all over the person trying to drink from it. The handle couldn't too wide or too small and had to allow for at least two fingers to comfortably hold it.

Lots of ergonomic engineering had to take place, in each piece, for it to be a working, usable item of functional pottery. The discipline was brutal for a free-form person like myself. After a few years of dabbling with pairs,  I decided to try my hand at doing an entire collection. The Red Zen was created.

If you like to find out more information or are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, you can find them at my website:   vyktoryas.etsy.com

NOTE: The Pitcher & Rice Bowl have SOLD.