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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Wonderland Series: An Exploration in Minimalism & Symbology

The Wonderland Series is an exploration in minimalism and symbology. Bare clay is used with subtle colored glazing.

There are two sub-series within it. The first is the “Wonderland Eve” female torsos.  The other is the “Milagros in Wonderland” which reflects the mystical aspects of Catholic ideology.

“Milagros in Wonderland”, a collection of an abstract version of  “The Flaming Heart Ex Voto”. 

This pieced is titled, “Flaming Rose". The Rose at the center represents Mary. The flames are the continuous, burning passion of eternal love.
Inspired by the rich religious traditions and folklore of Mexico and the Southwest.

“Flaming Rose” (Limited Edition), 5 ¾” H. $45.00

Available for purchase at: 


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