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Friday, April 13, 2012

When You Don't First Succeed....Try, Try, Again...

Out of all the mediums, I believe clay is the most challenging one of them all. In it's infancy, is an easy, moldable medium that submits to the hands of the creator. But even after it's formed, there's always this "clay consciousness" undercurrent where it seems to try to go back to the undefined, original state. Each step is a trial to keep it's progress in the direction you'd like to take it. Sometimes, even the slightest external factor will undermine the progress and interfer with the final outcome of it.
Each piece shown in the above picture has had it's set-backs. The Eve Teapot-- I'm on the fifth attempt to have a nicely securing lid. The Eve Closed Form-- cracked, even before I had done much with it and had to work a different design. The Wishing Woman Tile--- succumbed a sleeping cat, while drying it on a window seal.
But with each obstacle, comes a new inspiration. 
Soon, it's "onward and upward" for these creations---and into the fire for the next level of completion.